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World Showcase
World Showcase is a cultural exploration of eleven great nations. Guests encounter tricky trolls on a Viking expedition and journey through the poetic mountains of China. They’ll enjoy the culinary delights of Les Chefs de France restaurant, Mitsukoshi Teppanyaki Dining Room and satisfy that south-of-the-border hunger at San Angel Inn. Or they can shop ‘til they drop and indulge in tempting Guerlain fragrances, Goebel and Hummel figurines, and outdoor fashions from Helly Hansen. They’ll send their imaginations soaring when they see the Tapestry of Dreams Parade. Three new Dream Spinner characters and a new Dream Catcher float are parade highlights that set the tone for the theme of children pursuing their dreams…and capturing them. For an inspiring grand finale, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth celebrates the planet we call home with a majestic display of music, fireworks, lasers and special effects..
Epcot®Epcot® World Showcase
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Lush vegetation grows all about an imposing Mexican pyramid that houses a charming village inside.
Mexico at Epcot®
El Río del Tiempo
El Río del Tiempo
Float along the River of Time under a star-lit sky as you explore Mexico's engaging past and present.
Mariachi Cobre
Mariachi Cobre
This world-renowned Mariachi group has performed with pop stars and symphony orchestras. Together for more than 25 years, most of the musicians have been playing this unique style of traditional Mexican music for their entire lives.
Pre-Columbian Aztec culture comes to life through a combination of authentically detailed costumes and incredible music. Performances are staged outside the Mexico showcase.

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Stone and wooden structures frame a cobble-stoned town square in this showcase of Norwegian architectural styles.

Tricky trolls are out to befuddle you as you explore the heritage of Norway in this adventure packed boat ride. Watch for Polar bears and hold on tight during your descent into the stormy North Sea.

Lively Norwegian performers play lively Norwegian folk music with the help of traditional Norwegian instruments!.

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The Disney version of Beijing's Temple of Heaven welcomes you to a land of exotic mysteries.
Wonders of China
The diverse beauty of China surrounds you as you explore the mysteries of the East in this incredible Circle-Vision 360 degree film presentation.
Dragon Legend Acrobats
You'll be amazed, inspired and entertained by these flexible youngsters as they perform incredible acts of balance and coordination. You'll even have them jumping through hoops - literally!
Si Xian
Come and cool off with the soothing sounds of traditional Chinese music performed on traditional Chinese instruments: the 4-stringed Pipa and the 200-stringed Chinese Dulcimer.

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This German village is inspired by various towns in the Rhine region, Bavaria and the German North. Kids will love the outdoor scale model train that chugs through a miniature landscape.
Alpine Trio
Dance along with a live music trio that brings the spirit of "gemütlichkeit" (warm cordiality) to the Biergarten and the German courtyard. Performances daily.
Oktoberfest Musikanten
What could be better than experiencing the excitement of Oktoberfest complete with a festive dinner show? Watching men in lederhosen tap the keg, of course.

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The Doge's Palace in Venice is the centrepiece of this incredible reproduction of the sights and sounds of Italy.
Imaginum: a Statue Acs
Be careful around that statue, it might be alive. These amazing performers are bound to surprise you, so don't take them for "granite." Performances daily.

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American Adventure
Colonial America is captured in a magnificent bricked edifice with plenty of unique neo-classical touches inside.
The American Adventure
Ben Franklin and Mark Twain are your Audio-Animatronics® hosts for this moving journey through American history.
America Gardens Theatre
Enjoy seasonal live performances in this beautiful garden setting.
Spirit of America Flag & Drum Corps
Authentic to every last detail, this colonial fife and drum corps is one of only two professional corps in the United States. Instruments are 18th century reproductions, hand-made and painted. And each performance is a stirring patriotic tour de force.
Voices of Liberty
Enjoy traditional musical favourites from American history, at these live performances inside The American Adventure.
American VYBE
U.S.A. is a-okay! So come celebrate the swing, jazz and gospel sounds of American music with musicians who have quite a flair for it.

The tori gate welcomes you to a beautiful land of finely manicured landscapes and ancient Japanese pagodas.
The infectious beat of drums fills World Showcase as authentic Japanese drummers continue the rich tradition of Taiko drumming here at Epcot. The dynamic art form started as a ritual for festivals and ceremonies. In fact, Matsuriza means "festival drumming."
The only female candy maker of her kind sculpts edible little animals with amazing speed and grace. This rare form of Japanese candy artistry is performed by only 20 people in the world.

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Magnificent mosaic art and stonework are the hallmarks of this winding world of courtyards, shops and street markets.
The Houzali Troupe
Clap along as fearless acrobats and incredible contortionists perform indescribable feats outside the Moroccan courtyard.
The name says it all. But we'll say a little more! During these energetic shows, you'll be infused by classic rhythms...with a contemporary flair.

The charming streets of France are re-created right down to the sidewalk cafes, quaint boutiques and the Eiffel Tower off in the distance.
"Impressions de France"
Enjoy inspirational music and stunning, panoramic views of France.
Cyranose de Bergerac
As you can tell by the name, we've taken a classic French love story and given it a comical twist. But don't take our word for it – come and "nose" around for yourself!

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United Kingdom
From English Tudor to Georgian to Victorian, the many historic architectural styles of the United Kingdom frame splendid shops and gardens.
Pam Brody
Sing along with our own vivacious pianist at the Rose and Crown Pub. A former Londoner, Pam sang her way around the world and even at sea aboard the Queen Mary. Pam's warmth makes her a dear friend to everyone she meets.
The British Invasion
Swing along with the Mersey beat as you enjoy all your favourite pop hits from the Sixties.
King Arthur and the Holy Grail
This comedy has some very special guest stars – YOU. So join the World Showcase Players on their quest for both the Holy Grail...and laughter.

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A tribute to the many beauties of Canada, it comes complete with a rushing stream, rocky mountains and old world shops.
Off Kilter
High-energy progressive Celtic music.
O Canada!
The magnificent vistas and old world culture of Canada are presented in an all-encompassing Circle-Vision 360 degree film presentation.

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"IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth"
The sky erupts with light and fire as this brand new night-time spectacular celebrates our world. It's the most magnificent show of its kind in our history, with dazzling special effects, colourful lasers, brilliant fireworks and fiery torches all choreographed to an incredible musical score.

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