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Wonders of Life pavilion
Wonders of Life pavilion, Epcot®
Health fitness and modern lifestyles take centre stage in an incredible pavilion that takes an intriguing look at life itself. And you can take a heart pounding journey into the human body at the Wonders of Life pavilion at Epcot®
This Pavilion is only opened seasonally during peak periods.
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Body Wars
Body Wars
Shrink down to the size of a blood cell and take a turbulent ride through the human body. This flight simulator-style attraction races through a larger-than-life version of the heart, lungs and brain on a mission to rescue a scientist trapped in inner space.

Cranium Command
Cranium Command
Go inside the mixed-up mind of a 12-year-old and enjoy the hilarious antics of famous comedians playing the roles of his heart, brain, stomach and even adrenaline.

"The Making of Me"
The Making of Me
Sensitive film on the beginning of life includes footage of a developing foetus. Parental discretion recommended.

Fitness Fairgrounds
Fitness Fairgrounds
Several different exhibits including improvisational comedy with the "Anacomical Players." An evaluation of your sports prowess at "Coach's Corner," Goofy's animated hijinks in "Goofy About Health," and a chance to test your senses at "Sensory Funhouse."

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