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Disney Vacation Packing Tips
These are a few suggestions and tips for additional items that you may want to pack for your Walt Disney World® Vacation, in addition to clothing:

Tip: What ever your packing, if its a small item, bring two. Just in case you loose one or run out..


Anti-bacterial Lotion / Sanitizing Gel
Great for when you want to eat a snack while waiting in an attraction line.


To carry items to the parks in.

Baby Powder

Band-Aids/(Full First Aid Kit a good idea)

Bathing Suit
Even if your not planning on getting in the water - remember all Disney pools are heated.

For cameras, fans, flashlights....

Beach Towels
For the water parks.

Beach Shoes
For walking to the pool, or at one of the water parks

Bottled Water
You'll NEED the water in the warmer/hotter months - get a case and freeze it before hand, keep it in a large ice chest.

Disposable Camera
Get one for each of your kids, let them have fun taking their own pictures.
Make sure to get one Underwater type if you plan to go to the Water Parks

Contact Lenses
Make sure you bring both a spare set and your glasses.

Rooms do not come with refrigerators (available at extra cost )
Large Cooler for the Room
Small (soft sided lunch box type) one to take to the parks

Dental Floss

Ear Plugs (soft-squeeze type)
Many attraction and Fireworks Displays are very loud. Ear Plugs are great for children who may be sensitive to loud noises.

Empty Small Suitcase/Duffle Bag
You always bring back more than you take. Remember you can also have many of your purchase shipped home so that you don't have to carry them back.

Fanny Pack
For you and the kids. Kids can carry their own stuff. If everyone has a fanny pack it distribute the load.

Higher speed works best for indoor shots
Polaroid film - WDW does not sell it on property.


Quarters & Pennies
For pressed pennies and quarters - these make inexpensive collectable items. And are lots of fun for the kids to try and find.

Glow Sticks or Fun Lights
Nighttime at Disney is magical, and Disney sells lots of glowing or lighted items. Bring some of your own and save.

You won't find GUM sold anywhere on Disney property - bring your own.

Florida sun is very strong!

Insect Repellant

Laundry Detergent
All resorts have a self-server laundry - and you can purchase small by expensive one load packages - Bring your own and save.

Lip Balm
Blistex, Chapstick...(with sunscreen)

Local Access Number
For ISP to check the e-mail (if you really have to)

Permanent Markers
Mark everything with your name and address, Disney tries to return lost items if they can.

Pocket Binoculars

Prescription Medicines
Make sure they are in the carry-on luggage

Nail Clippers and File
If flying make sure not to pack these in your carryon luggage or to take these into the parks

Needle and Thread
Get one of the little emergency repair kits to carry in your backpack


Check to see if you have or can get temporary national service.

Plastic Cups

Plastic Silverware

Portable CD player and CDs

Proof of Insurance
Make sure to have Insurance both Health and Car (even if not driving you will need proof of insurance if renting a car)
Make sure if you are taking anyone else children that you have their insurance and would be a good idea to also have a Power of Attorney.

Rain Poncho
Cheap ones from most "dollar stores" (Dollar Tree) work great - their small and easy to carry and can be throw away after one use.

Safety Pins and/or Diaper Pins
For emergency's

If you have sensitive skin, it's best to bring your own soap

Sensible Shoes
DON'T buy new shoes for your vacation, you will be walking several miles everyday. Bring two pairs of comfortable, broken-in shoes.

Small individual wrapped items for snacking in the parks (Beef Jerky, Granola Bars, Raisins,....)

Bring a extra pair of sock for every day.

Stain Stick
Laundry pre-treating stick. Use on anything that gets stained, so you can wait until you get home.

Swimming Goggles
For use at the Resort Pool and at the Water Parks.

Florida sun is very strong!


Pop tarts and toast for breakfast can save you money if your own a budget.

Tickets / Confirmation (Good Idea to make Copies)
Make sure you have your Park Tickets or Special Entertainment Tickets (if you purchased in advance.
Make sure you have all Airline Tickets.

Toys / Books / Games
To keep kids entertained - especially if it rains.

Don't pack in carry-on or take into parks.

Two Way Communications Devices -
These are a must for families that like splitting up and going their own ways.


Video Tapes
Or what ever you camcorder takes - buy extra!


Even if you don't have kid the small pouches of wipes are great for cleaning up little messes.

Ziploc Bags (Large Type)
You'll find lots of uses for these

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