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Weather in
It's always perfect weather for a trip to the Walt Disney World® Resort. Don't take our word for it. Here's a list of average temperatures and precipitation throughout the year.
Month Average High Average Low Average Rainfall
January 72 (°F) 22 (C) 49 (°F) 9 (C) 2.1 (in) 5.3 (cm)
February 73 (°F) 23 (C) 50 (°F) 10 (C) 2.8 (in) 7.1 (cm)
March 78 (°F) 26 (C) 55 (°F) 13 (C) 3.2 (in) 8.1 (cm)
April 84 (°F) 29 (C) 60 (°F) 16 (C) 2.2 (in) 5.6 (cm)
May 88 (°F) 31 (C) 66 (°F) 19 (C) 4 (in) 10.2 (cm)
June 91 (°F) 33 (C) 71 (°F) 22 (C) 7.4 (in) 18.8 (cm)
July 92 (°F) 33 (C) 73 (°F) 23 (C) 7.8 (in) 19.8 (cm)
August 92 (°F) 33 (C) 73 (°F) 23 (C) 6.3 (in) 16.0 (cm)
September 90 (°F) 32 (C) 73 (°F) 23 (C) 5.6 (in) 14.2 (cm)
October 84 (°F) 29 (C) 65 (°F) 18 (C) 2.8 (in) 7.1 (cm)
November 78 (°F) 26 (C) 57 (°F) 14 (C) 1.8 (in) 4.6 (cm)
December 73 (°F) 23 (C) 57 (°F) 14 (C) 1.8 (in) 4.6 (cm)

Keep in mind that these are averages and that Walt Disney World® is located in the middle of Florida. The HUMIDITY can make 95° feel like 105° and can also make 50° feel like 40°. So if you are from an area that doesn't have high humidity, be prepared.



You might have noticed that Walt Disney World® gets a lot of RAIN. During the summer most of it is from afternoon shower that only last for a few hours. But it is best no matter when you going to be prepared for a shower or two by:

  1. Bring extra shoes - walking in wet shoes can cause additional discomfort for you feet, so have a back-up pair.
  2. Bring ponchos! The cheap $1 store kind work great. They are small enough you can carry one or two around with you. And cheap enough that you can throw them away after it quits raining. - Disney does sell ponchos at most all of their shops in the parks as well as the gift shops at the resorts for around $6.
  3. Bring Umbrellas for use at the resorts, but they don't work well in the parks.

Dress in layers during the cooler months, the mornings and evenings may be cool... but the days can still be pretty warm.

Florida weather is unpredictable, you should probably obtain an up-to-the-minute weather report prior to your visit. Two good sources for checking the weather conditions are:  
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