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When is the Best time to go to Walt Disney World®?
Answer: Anytime!

We get asked that question all the time. And really the answer is different depending on your individual taste and needs. What kind of weather do you like, any special events or occasions that you are interested in....? So it's really up to you.

Here are a few things to consider:


The Lowest Attendance:

* January (except New Year's Day) until just prior to Presidents' Week in February
* The week following Labor Day until the week prior to Thanksgiving
* The week following Thanksgiving until mid-December

More Moderate Attendance:

* After Presidents' week in February through early March
* Late April through early June (except Memorial Day weekend)
* Columbus Day Weekend (October)
* The first part of Thanksgiving week

Highest Attendance:

* Presidents' week in February
* Mid March through Late April ("Spring Break")
* Memorial Day weekend
* Mid June through Labor Day
* Thanksgiving Day and weekend
* Christmas week through New Year's Day

During regular attendance periods, the parks tend to be the busiest on the following days:

* Magic Kingdom® Park: Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
* Epcot®: Tuesday and Friday
* Disney-MGM Studios: Sunday and Wednesday
* Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Note: this is as reported by Disney, and hasn't change over the past few years. Disney brought back a new early entry program call Extra Magic Hour. Expect the parks that are scheduled to open early to also be crowded, people seen to plan to go to that park even if they don't get there early.

Stay & Play in the Kingdom Travel's picks for which parks to visit during the week:
Sunday Epcot® Disney's Animal Kingdom®
Monday Epcot® Disney-MGM Studios
Tuesday Magic Kingdom® Park Epcot®
Wednesday Magic Kingdom® Park Epcot®
Thursday Disney-MGM Studios Disney's Animal Kingdom®
Friday Disney-MGM Studios Magic Kingdom® Park
Saturday Disney's Animal Kingdom® Epcot®
Check with Guest Service upon checking in to see if there are any special events. If there is a special parade or Fireworks display at one park - that park will be unusally busy.


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Disney Resort Seasons
Disney has four "seasons" at its Walt Disney World® Resort hotels each year. Value Season is the least expensive and least crowded time, followed by Regular Season, Peak Season and Holiday Season. These seasons can really affect the cost of your Walt Disney World® Vacation. Doing some advanced planning and adjusting your dates can really affect your overall vacation cost. These seasons are also an indication of what the crowds will be like during your stay.

For the most part the season at the Walt Disney World® Resort are:

  • Value Season: January 1 - February 12; August 24 - October 1; November 2 - December 19
    These are usually the least crowded periods, but the parks may operate on reduced hours.
  • Regular Season: April 27 - August 23; October 2 - November 1
    Moderate crowds can be expected, parks are usually opened extended hours during the summer.
  • Peak Season: February 13 - April 26
    This is Spring Break, and can be very crowded at times.
  • Holiday Season: December 20 - 31
    The Parks are the most crowded, and the Magic Kingdom® may possible closed due to capacity crowds during this time. Special hours and event are schedule during this time.

See the 2003 Walt Disney World® Resort Rates for the Seasons for each resort for 2003.
See the 2004 Walt Disney World® Resort Rates for the Seasons for each resort for 2004.

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When Walt Disney was looking for a location to build his new "World", he wanted a location where visitors could come year around. He found a perfect spot in the middle of the Sunshine State, Florida.

The Weather can really affect your vacation. So it's best to try a plan a head and see what type of weather you may experience.

For more information and tips about the weather at Walt Disney World® go to our Weather page.

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Holidays around the Walt Disney World® Resort

The Holidays are an enjoyable time of the year anywhere, but especially at Walt Disney World®. Whether it's special 4th of July celebration and Fireworks display or Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, all of the Walt Disney World® Resort gets involved in the Holidays. But a really special time to visit, is during the Holiday season from late november thru the first of the year. Disney is always a magical place at night, but during this time of year it's really special.

Check out some of the Special Events that may be coming up. And see if you may want to schedule your plans to take advantage of these special celebrations.

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